A Dose of Kyle

Writing by Kyle Freelander

Nobody Nose.

What if I had a nose brighter and redder than Rudolph’s?

Would I get to lead the sleigh?

Would other reindeer laugh and call me names?

Would Rudolph join in or would he be my friend?

What if he was jealous that I shine brighter than a ruby red diamond on the tip of Pinocchio’s nose?

“Who is Pinocchio?”

Do reindeer not know?

Would Rudolph like Pinocchio?

Would Pinocchio keep him as a pet?

What about Santa?

Would he allow that?

And what about me?

Will I ever be free to roam away from Santa’s sleigh?

To be a normal reindeer and play reindeer games? To be more than Pinocchio’s pet?

Better yet, would the world be okay with that?


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Welcome! A Dose of Kyle is an ever-growing collection of fiction, poetry, nonfiction, random thoughts and musings from the mind of Kyle Freelander. Some of these posts are new works while some are older ones that have been spruced up for the occasion. Feel free to stay and read awhile. Remember, feedback is always appreciated! -Kyle

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