A Dose of Kyle

Writing by Kyle Freelander

You Miss Everything

I don’t know how

to be someone you miss

as much as football season,

or holiday drinks at Starbucks,

the kiss of a new year,

a hand held on Valentine’s day,

a free slurpee on July 11th,

the smell of the ocean,

the stroke of a snowflake,

the taste of a new book

devoured by your fingertips.

I watch you grieve

the loss of all these things

from afar and I wish

that I could console you,

that I could tell you

these moments will come again,

but being missed

is not my area of expertise

and you know that

better than anyone.


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Welcome! A Dose of Kyle is an ever-growing collection of fiction, poetry, nonfiction, random thoughts and musings from the mind of Kyle Freelander. Some of these posts are new works while some are older ones that have been spruced up for the occasion. Feel free to stay and read awhile. Remember, feedback is always appreciated! -Kyle

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