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Moving time!

It has come time for me to move out of my apartment and in memory of my time there, I thought I would make a list of things that I will NOT miss about this place:

1. The kid running around upstairs. How a little kid manages to shake my whole apartment, I will never understand. Literally, baby earthquake every time that kid is home.

2. The finicky thermostat where my room is always too hot or too cold (never just right) and my roommate’s room is always the exact opposite. There is no winning.

3. The train. Admittedly, you only really hear it if you are outside or have the windows open but it is a little strange to be neighbors with a choo-choo train.


While there are things I won’t miss about this place, there are a ridiculous number of things I WILL miss that I can only begin to list here:

1. The historic downtown area as our backyard. It’s pretty cool that almost everywhere you go has a story that dates back a good hundred years.

2. Everything being within a ten minute drive. Or, better yet, a brief walk.

3. The pool. It had a sort of resort feel to it. Plus, it wasn’t very crowded during the week which was definitely a plus for my roommates and myself.

4. It’s a nice apartment. Like a Barbie dream home. You know, if that dream home was an apartment with two roommates and everyone’s respective significant others.

5. Not having to share a bathroom. This is the first time I haven’t had to share a bathroom with one or more females, so I have this apartment to thank for finally introducing me to straightening my hair, storing my products, and in general having my own decorations in the bathroom. It’s the little things…or the weird things.

6. The food. When moving away from a variety of restaurants both large and small to an area that mainly has chain restaurants, the food will always be missed.

7. The nightlife, although it occasionally felt limited, was a nice atmosphere. There were the few regulars that were always fun to spot coupled with a bunch of new people of all ages (well, above 21 that is). Plus, it was easy to barhop since everything was within a short walking distance. If one place wasn’t happening, you could easily venture forth!

8. EVERYTHING. Oh well, I am moving onto bigger and hopefully better things. Maybe you will see me there again some day…



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