A Dose of Kyle

Writing by Kyle Freelander

Current Events in the Writing Life of Kyle

1). 100 posts deep on A Dose of Kyle!

Yes, that is correct: there are officially 100 various posts on this blog. In fact, this is post 101. Happily enough, post 100 was a Writer Wednesday post for all you fellow writers out there. Thank you to all of my current followers and readers, along with all of those to come down the road. You all make blogging worthwhile! ❤

2). Heyy App

You may have noticed this earlier this week, but I have begun blogging for Heyy App –a dating app that turns everyday moments into amazing relationships. Did you meet/see someone but ultimately missed the opportunity to get contact information? Wish you had another chance to talk to the woman at that party? What if you could find the man you exchanged glances with at the bar? Post a heyy! You can add text, location, and even a picture to connect with your very own missed connection. Take a chance, post a heyy. (Available July 2014).

What am I doing on their blog? Well, I am there to share your heyy moments (sparks) as well as dish out dating and relationship advice. Some of these posts will find their way onto this blog and others will only be available on heyy app’s blog, so follow them if you want to stay connected 😉

Find the blog here: http://heyyapp.wordpress.com/

3). The return of the novel

I can make excuse after excuse for why I haven’t been working on a novel currently (or at least not consistently), but I will save you all the pathetic list. I’m embarrassed to admit that I could even make a whole list of excuses! To be a writer, you must write. I’ve been doing that, but now it is time to kick my butt back into gear, so to speak. While the articles, poems, and what not will continue (right here on your top ten favorite blog), I will be returning to my habitual novel writing because that’s how I roll…especially in the summer.


Join me on Facebook where we party like…well, we party: https://www.facebook.com/kylefreelanderwriter

Or twitter, my little birdlings, where we can write to each other in clips and phrases that are less than 140 characters! @kylefreelander



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